Lucia Canto
27 July, 2013

Me dijeron quedaría con una mancha en el centro de los ojos, por tres especialistas y que no había remedio. Dra Villanueva me ha regresado la visión en 85%, puedo leer y escribir y desarrollar todas mis funciones. Gracias dra Villanueva.

Maria Jim
26 July, 2013

I have consulted several retina specialists, but Dr Villanueva gave me too much insight and helpful information. I truly recommend her.

Ivan Ciese
24 June, 2012

I like her, she looks very bright an helpful in explaining clearly. She seems to concern about patient's understanding which is good for me. This element is not very common to have it in a normal doctor as usually they are always running.

Mari Meda
7 June, 2012

This doctor is the best doctor in the world. I have known many retina specialists, I suffers from RP, I have travel to see Dr Jacobson, Bethesda, Spain, no one but doctor Villanueva has found my mutation type in no time.
She always gives tons of important information.

Mayte Nava
7 May, 2012

This doctor is SUPERB! She save my vision. She gave me back my vision from 60% to 96% in one day thanks to her surgical skills. GOB BLESS YOU doctor!

Samira Jee
5 January, 2012

I had CSC 20/200, I did pas 5 doctors none gave me back my vision of 20/20 but her. She is an outstanding doctor

3 January, 2012

Elle est vraiment bonne! Merci Docteure.

6 July, 2011

Excellent doctor, very dedicated!

Ligy Acosta
13 June, 2011

I feel very well with this doctor. She make me trust her since first 10 min I met her. My son feels the same. She is honest and very knowledgeable, she explain us medical facts in normal terms that we can understand, very punctual.

Noel Veclavick
3 May, 2011

Very clear effective diagnosis and treatment. I have consult three others specialists, none effective as her. She is difficult to reach as she is third level care. You need a reference not only from your GP, ophthalmologist but easier if other retina specialist. info@virtualeyecaremd.com whether you need more contact details of the nearest clinic around the world. She is busy.

21 April, 2011

Very dedicated doctor. Thanks for me and all my family.

23 March, 2011

I have been trying to locate Dr. Villanueva for some time now and can not find any current contact details. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Sylvia Vazquez
9 March, 2011

We are very happy to have Dr Villanueva among us.

Samia Mensa
7 February, 2011

Very helpful doctor

Narcisa Mukul
13 January, 2011

Very simple: If I would not meet Dr Villanueva I will be blind by now. She implicates herself in her patients; I had never met a doctor like her.

Carl Delaware
10 January, 2011

Thanks God she exist, for me and my family!

Tehran Ahmed
6 January, 2011

Happy to have her as my doctor

Nadeau Sophie
24 December, 2010

Merci Dr Villanueva de guerir ma familie. Merci de vous connaisances.

Stephan Millet
7 December, 2010

Very knowledgeable. Take lot of time to explain us and make us understand. Hope we can find more doctors like her.

Clement Gedon
1 December, 2010

This doctor really cares to make understand patients. I have severe myopia and had met many retina specialists till now, but nobody has taken time enough till Dr Villaneuva, to really explain me and cares for my understanding. Thank her. I truly recommend her with no hesitation. Very ethical

Sofia Therese
27 November, 2010

She is just wonderful; she gave us many options as if patent were her son/daughter. We are very thankfully.

Alexandre Maguiregui
10 November, 2010

Very patients doctors, keen to make her understandable, takes times for patients. Very happy with her. Recommend her with no hesitation. Ethics very high standards of care.

Zara Turcotte
23 October, 2010

I am very happy to have found this doctor for my retina. She sees all my family and we are all privileged.

Josia Picard
6 October, 2010

Very important doctor in my life. Happy we have her around here. Difficult to obtain appointment with her as she is known overseas.

Josee Aubin
24 September, 2010

She is very good, explains everything in detail. I trust her and I happy to put my health in her hands.
Very interested in patients comprehension of the topic.

Jacques S Theriault
13 September, 2010

She is the best retina specialist I’ve ever met. Probably because she studied in the best retina medical school in London, England (The Moorfield Eye Hospital). I truly recommended Dr Villanueva.

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